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Alice Kagayaki
Wonder Circus Coord | Debut

Alice New.png

Kanji 輝アリス
Rōmaji Kagayaki Arisu
Also Known As Alice Peperoncino
Physical and Vital Information
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Light Blonde
Professional Statistics
Occupation Part-Time Worker
President of the Kagayaki Corporation
Affiliation Pri☆Chan Land
Kagayaki Corporation
Personal Status
Relatives Eve Kagayaki (Younger Twin Sister)
Mr. Kagayaki (Father)
Mrs. Kagayaki (Mother)
Anime Episode 102 - Sparkling Connections! That is Pri☆Chan! (Cameo)
Episode 103 - A Sparkling Opening! Pri☆Chan Land Has Arrived! (Debut)
Voice Actors
Japanese Ai Fairouz

Alice Kagayaki (輝アリス Kagayaki Arisu), who was first introduced as Alice Peperoncino (アリス・ペペロンチーノ Arisu・Peperonchīno), is one of the main characters of the third season of Kiratto Pri☆Chan. She grew up in a circus and has traveled around the world. At the start of the season, she was a part-time worker at Pri☆Chan Land, but she later becomes co-president of the Kagayaki Corporation with her younger twin sister, Eve Kagayaki. She is a natural-type idol whose preferred brand is Fun Fun Trunk.

After discovering she was born in Japan, Alice set out to find her birth parents. Because she did not know her birth parents' surnames, she had created a last name for herself, which was Peperoncino. She became a Pri☆Chan idol in hopes of attracting her parents' attention and eventually getting to meet them. Her real last name, Kagayaki, was revealed by Solulu after regaining her memories in episode 141.


Alice is a young girl with big red eyes and long, curly light blonde hair partially worn down to frame her shoulder. The rest of her hair is worn in a thick side-tail that splits into two separate curls, with two curled strands of hair sticking out from the top. Her fluffy bangs are eyebrow length an she has a loose strand on each side of her head. She normally wears a small sunhat with a flower and green band to match her attire.


She is a cheerful and lighthearted girl who is generally optimistic. She comes off ditsy, carefree, and friendly.



Her mascot who has been with her since she was a child. She normally sits on Alice's shoulder and tries to help her here and there. Along with that, she tends to tease Alice for being a ditz sometimes. When Alice was having trouble putting together lyrics for her debut song, Solulu was there to encourage her to keep on going. Alice was whisked away by Solulu without knowing that it was Solulu all along. Her meeting with the idol mascot form of Solulu struck a memory in her from a long time ago when she was younger. Solulu rescued her from falling to the ground after she failed to hang on to the swing trapeze she was practicing on. A few episodes later, she is saved again by Solulu from Luluna. Alice views Solulu in a different light when she's in her idol form compared to her regular form. While Solulu to her is someone who's always been there with her from the start, idol Solulu is someone who's like a knight shrouded in mystery.

When Alice was a baby, she saw the fight going on between Solulu and Luluna and attempted to stop them by climbing over to them since they were in the sky. However, she endangers herself, to which Solulu notices first, causing Solulu to be overtaken by Luluna's attack. As she falls, Alice tries to save her by grabbing onto her clothing, however, they both end up falling down. Solulu holds onto Alice tightly, promising to protect her as the two fall into a truck belonging to the circus they eventually end up in.

Eve Kagayaki

They seem to be connected somehow, hence the picture that is shown in Episode 128. She was later revealed to be Alice's younger twin sister. The two were separated when they were infants after Luluna successfully erases Solulu's memories. Upon find out that Eve was her sister, she displayed great joy in this news and was not shocked compared to the others as she always felt like she met Eve a long time ago.

Prior to the revelation, the two felt a connection to each other upon first seeing each other as teenagers after all these years, however, they did not know of their relation until episode 141. Despite this, the two would eventually develop a bond. Before Eve became an idol, Alice shared her experience with her as they were riding the Moonlight Magic Ferris Wheel, causing Eve to ponder about when she will debut. With Alice's words of encouragement and sympathy, Eve was able to finally have the debut she longed for. In the following episode, despite losing in the Moonlight Princess Cup, Alice was happy for Eve and was the first to congratulate her. After rescuing Eve from Luluna's tower, she offered to let Eve stay with her until the situation blew over.


Luluna was hostile towards her and Solulu because her past with Solulu. Though the two hardly have interacted, Luluna cared for Alice at one point as shown when she cried out Alice's name with a horrified expression on her face as a baby Alice fell off the roof of a building after successfully removing Solulu's memories.


She frequently encounters them and hangs out with them from time to time.


Alice (アリス) is an English name that is derived from the Germanic name "Adalheidis", meaning "of nobility".

Kagayaki (輝) means "radiance".

Former/False Last Name

Peperoncino (ペペロンチーノ) is the Italian word for "chili pepper."

Significant Coords


  • Her birthday falls on November 5th.
  • She is the first natural-type idol to appear in the series.
  • She shares her voice actress with Hibiki Sakura from Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?, and Natsuumi Manatsu from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.
    • Coincidentally, her and Solulu shares VAs with a character named Hibiki.
  • In the February 2021 popularity vote, Alice was ranked as the 3rd most popular character.
  • In episode 125, it was revealed that Peperoncino is a last name that was made-up by Alice due to not knowing what her real last name is.
    • She is the only main character to have created her last name.