Cinderella Prince Blue Coord (シンデレラプリンスブルー) is a Premium-type coord from the brand Precious Muse. It has not appeared in the anime yet. It resembles the Rainbow Prince Coord, Cinderella Prince Pink Coord and Cinderella Prince Orange Coord.



One Piece

A one-piece outfit composed of a white jacket that has pale blue ornate designs mid-arm and split bottom, lined in silver with a beaded chain attached to a crescent, residing over a glittery blue gradient bell sleeve. The bottom has a blue band with silver border and a print of white curled lines and flowers, and a trim of three, white ruffled layers of fabric lined in light blue. The torso is lined in silver with two chains held by loops at the middle, over a glittery blue gradient band with a white ornate heart design on it. On the corner is a crystal heart with two silver beaded chains attached to a pale blue and silver clock ornament on the left corner of the chest. The middle section is lined by white ruffles, and print around the bottom is a pale blue ombre and pattern of midnight blue castles. The tails inner coloring is a glittery blue gradient with purple ombre and silver lining. The lapel is a white and light blue diamond tile, and on the neck is a frilly collar lined in light blue with a silver choker and gem hanging from it, residing over scalloped white fabric with a light blue ombre. White tight pants are included with a silver and dark blue crown charm and a single azure button at the middle. A navy gradient band goes down each leg with light blue ruffled border and a silver vine and snowflake pattern. The cuff is light blue.


Blue gradient glittery boots with a white toe and crystal gem sole with thin wedge heel. A milk blue gradient band goes up the middle with a silver border and white ribbon wrapped over it. The cuff is lined in silver with a loose white and blue ribbon hanging from the middle, adorned by a pale blue and silver clock.


A glittery blue gradient crown with silver frame over it and an ornate band around the bottom with a pair of clock hands sticking up. At the middle is a blue gem on an ornate base.


Cinderella Prince Blue Coord is a Premium Happy Rare Coord from the brand Precious Muse. It first appeared in Jewel Vol. 3.

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Dress Shoes Accessory
Item ID71304
Cinderella Prince Blue One Piece

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Cinderella Prince Blue Shoes

Item ID71306
Cinderella Prince Blue Hair Accessory

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