Devi Fudo
Devi F

Kanji 歩堂デヴィ
Rōmaji Fudō Devi
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Black
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Oshama Tricks
Personal Status
Anime Episode 26 - We Tried Playing Strange Pranks!
Voice Actors
Japanese Saki Yamakita

Devi Fudo (歩堂デヴィ Fudō Devi) is a character from Kiratto Pri☆Chan. She is a member of the Pretty☆Channel Oshama Tricks.


Devi has sharp purple eyes with thick, spread out lashes. Her short brunette hair is shoulder length with her bangs mostly brushed to the right and tucked behind her forelocks, partially covering the right ear and leaving the left visible. She has a fanged tooth.



Ruu Asuka

Her friend and teammate in Oshama Tricks.

Hikari Momoyama

Her classmate who is always lecturing Devi.


Fudo (歩堂) - Fu (歩) means "pawn" while do (堂) means "temple" or "shrine".

Devi (デヴィ) is the "devi" in "devil." When put together with Ruu's name, it makes "devil", which is a reference to their devil theme.


  • She shares some similarities with Aroma Kurosu from PriPara.
    • Both of their eye colors are in the cool color spectrum.
    • Both of them have a devil theme.
  • Fitting with Oshama Tricks' devil theme, her name is a reference to Akira Fudo, the main protagonist and titular character of the classic manga series, Devilman and her partner Ruu Asuka's name is a reference to Ryo Asuka, the main antagonist of the same series.
  • She tends to break up some of her words into syllables while speaking.
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