Kanji だいあ
Rōmaji Daia
Physical and Vital Information
Species Artificial Intelligence
Gender Female
Eye Color Ice Blue (Original/Current)
Dark Blue (Formerly)
Hair Color Yellow with Ice Blue and Pink streaks (Original/Current)
Dark blue with indigo and purple streaks. (Formerly)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Personal Status
Anime Episode 51 - I Tried a Sparkling Farewell! (cameo)
Episode 52 - Heart-throbbing! Exciting! The Jewel Auditions Are Starting!
Voice Actors
Japanese Rico Sasaki

Dia (だいあ Daia) (officially Daia) is one of the main characters of the Season 2 of Kiratto Pri☆Chan. She is a virtual Pri☆Chan idol who was created from Dia Nijinosaki's design palette. She tends to add "~damon" (〜だもん) at the end of her sentences. With her sudden change, she says "~dayon" (〜だよん) instead. At the end of episode 100, she reverted back to her original self after Nijinosaki reconciled with Dia. She is a Pop-type idol whose preferred brand is Milky Rainbow.


  • Current Appearance
  • Dia's Other Appearance in S2

Dia has light blue eyes with a visible rainbow in them and long pale blonde hair. She wears it in slightly curled pigtails with streaks of pink and light blue, and on each side of the head is a straightened, slightly curled strand of light blue sticking up. Wrapped around her head is a braid with a short pink cowlick. Her bangs are straight cut with separate locks of light blue and pink, and she has straightened pink and blue forelocks with a curl on end.

When her image changed, Dia's skin had become lightly tanned while her hair and eyes changed to dark blue. To match her outfit colors, her eye rainbow changed to purple, light blue, and pastel pink, and her hair had streaks of indigo and purple.

Following her reversion to normal, she now appears in a smaller form due to damage she had taken to her system.


Dia is a bright and cheerful, energetic girl who is very supportive and excitable.

When her image changed, she became mischievous and unruly, and she seemed to have become somewhat mellow. Along with that, she gained an accent.


Dia Nijinosaki

They appear very close to each other as Dia refers to Nijinosaki by her first name, and she appears to know that she longs to be a PriChan idol. In episode 77, Dia helps Nijinosaki "debut" as an idol by going on stage and performing while Nijinosaki provides the vocals for her performance. As Nijinosaki builds more confidence and becomes more self-reliant, Dia begins having an empty feeling, causing a change within her. Along with the change, she is less friendly towards Nijinosaki.

In episode 100, Dia admits to feeling unneeded due to the fact that Nijinosaki has made so many real friends. Within the same episode, she resumes her friendship with Nijinosaki like normal after reverting back to her original self.


Dia (だいあ) is short for "diamond".

Significant Coords


  • She shares her name with Dia Nijinosaki.
    • They are the first characters in the Pretty Series within the same series to share the same name.
    • She also shares her name with Dia Kurosawa from Love Live! Sunshine!!.
  • Her favorite food is lollipop candy.
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