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Kiratto Pri☆Chan
S3 Visual Ver 2.png
Kanji キラッとプリ☆チャン
Rōmaji Kiratto Puri☆Chan
Original Network TV Tokyo
Original Run April 8, 2018 - May 30, 2021
Episodes 153

Kiratto Pri☆Chan (キラッとプリ☆チャン) is the successor of the PriPara series. It premiered in Japan on Sunday, April 8, 2018 replacing Cardfight!! Vanguard in its timeslot. Season 2 premiered on April 7, 2019. Season 3 premiered on April 5, 2020.


Season 1

Kiratto Pri☆Chan follows the story of two girls in their 1st year of middle school, Mirai Momoyama and Emo Moegi. Due to their intense rivalry against the popular idol, Anna Akagi who attends their school, they both end up making their debut as Pri☆Chan Idols. With the support of their classmate, Rinka Aoba who acts as their manager, they start producing their own "Pri☆Chan System" channel to promote themselves.

Season 2

Mirai Momoyama, Emo Moegi, and Rinka Aoba are 2nd year students at Kirarigaoka Middle School in Kirajuku, and together they form an idol group called "Miracle☆Kiratts"! The popularity of their streaming programs has skyrocketed! One day, a mysterious Pri☆Chan idol named "Daia" appears, and everyone is given a Jewel Pact. Along with that, she announced the opening of the "Jewel Auditions", an event where idols with a jewel-like shine are chosen to become "Jewel Idols". Only those who can pass the audition with a sparkling heart can make their "Kiratto Jewel" shine, allowing them to receive their "Jewel Coord". And out of all of them, only the best "Jewel Idol" can wear the long-admired "Diamond Coord". Who's going to be?!

Season 3

Kirarigaoka Middle School's 3rd year students, Mirai Momoyama, Emo Moegi, and Rinka Aoba, are in a popular idol group called "Miracle☆Kiratts" who stream and create programs. One day, Kirajuku turned into a state-of-the-art VR (virtual) amusement park called "Pri☆Chan Land"! In addition to that, the Kagayaki Corporation, the group that manages Pri☆Chan Land, announced that they will be holding a "Princess Cup" to determine the next generation's top Pri☆Chan idol! In order to participate in the competition, Mirai and the others try to raise their mascots using the new item called the "PriTama GO" that was given to them! Friends and mascots join together to win the "Illuminage Coords" of each area of the amusement park. To win the tournament, an idol must become the princess of the most areas to become the "Illuminage Queen", and they will perform for the greatest parade in Pri☆Chan Castle! The girls in Kirajuku have become very interested! Who will win the title of "Illuminage Queen"...!?

Kiratto PriChan Logo.png

Notable Characters

Mirai Momoyama Emo Moegi Rinka Aoba
Chara mirai name.png
Mirai S3.png
VA: Coco Hayashi
Chara emo name.png
Emo S3.png
VA: Miyu Kubota
Chara rinka name.png
Rinka S3.png
VA: Nanami Atsugi

A third-year student in Kirarigaoka Middle School. With her childhood friend, Emo, and her classmate, Rinka, the three of them work together as Miracle☆Kiratts. Her specialty is finding the "sparkling and glittering in good places" that people don't usually notice. She won the Jewel Collection and became the Diamond Idol, but now she's being challenged and is now aiming for a new goal: to become the Illuminage Queen. Her catchphrase is "Kiratto☆".


A third-year student in Kirarigaoka Middle School and Mirai's childhood friend. She is good at sports, but she's not-so-good at studying. She's the type who acts before thinking. She loves to support people, and very carefree. She tends to "fight more rather than be close friends" with Meltic StAr's Anna Akagi. Her catchphrase is "Emoi".


A third-year student in Kirarigaoka Middle School as well as Mirai and Emo's classmate. She is the reliable and level-headed honor student type, and she's often the group's peacemaker and manager. Her sense of "cuteness" is a little different from others as she secretly wants to distribute her self-designed mascot, Silk-chan, to the world.

Anna Akagi Sara Midorikawa Mel Shido
Chara anna name.png
Anna S3.png
VA: Yu Serizawa
Chara sara name.png
Sara S3.png
VA: Yuki Wakai
Chara mel name.png
Mel S3.png
VA: Yuuka Morishima

An extremely popular active Pri☆Chan idol who is part of Meltic StAr, along with Sara and Mel. Being an important mistress, the channel she produced herself also has a celebrity ambiance, but her true self is selfish and childish. Usually when meeting Emo, she usually quarrels with her. As the next head of the Akagi Family business, she seems to have some type of relationship with the Kagayaki Corporation.


Anna's close friend. All about cool, rock, and boyish things. She refers to herself using boku (僕). With a refreshed personality, she easily talks to the members of Miracle☆Kiratts. She hids the fact that she loves cute things, but recently, she has started to think that she's cute too.


A member of Meltic StAr. She refers to herself in the first person as "Mel-Mel". She is a genius, but she is a spontaneous airhead, and people tend to be caught off-guard by her elusive behavior. She doesn't keep her eyes on sweet people, and being desperate doesn't suit her. It's a special skill that allows her to get along with anyone quickly. Due to working in space, her parents are often absent, so she lives alone with the premises of Anna's mansion.

Anju Shiratori
Chara anju name.png
Anju S2 JC.png
VA: Suzuko Mimori

A top Idol. She normally wears disguises and often spends her time wandering through town and frequently indulges in various activities the girls are partaking in.

Maria Kanamori Suzu Kurokawa
Chara maria name.png
Maria S3.png
VA: Himika Akaneya
Chara suzu name.png
Suzu S3.png
VA: Sora Tokui
Chara daia name.png
VA: Rico Sasaki

She is one of the two members in Ring Marry. She is a girl who wants to make the world peaceful with "cute" concept, and her specialty is finding the "cuteness" in everything. She sticks cute stickers on objects and people she finds cute. Formerly active on Broadway, she, along with Suzu, returned to compete in the Princess Cup.


Along with Maria, she is an active Pri☆Chan idol in Ring Marry. She likes to wear boyish clothes and is passionate about dancing. Because she aims to be cool, her personality contrasts Maria's, who wishes for cuteness. Each of them recognize the traits that the other doesn't have, and they are kept together by their strong bond. She originally returned to Japan for only her brother's wedding, but decided to stay in Kirajuku in order to participate in the Princess Cup.


A virtual Pri☆Chan idol who responsible for organizing Jewel Auditions.

KiracCHU Melpan Rabbily
Chara kiracchu name.png
VA: Nanami Yamashita
Chara melpan name.png
VA: Nichika Omori
Chara rabbily name.png
VA: Minami Tanaka

Miracle☆Kiratts' Mascot. Originally designed by Mirai, she gained the power of the virtual world and also became a navigator in the Design Palette. When Pri☆Chan Land opened, she moved to the PriTama GO and evolved further, working hard as Kiratts' mascot to support them. Her sentence-ender is "~cchu".


Meltic StAr's mascot. She's a level-headed and responsible person. She's their self-proclaimed competent manager. For other mascots, she tends to take up the leadership position and looks down upon other from the top, but is it because of her companions? Her sentence-ender is "~pan".


A mascot who used to wander around Pri☆Chan Land in search of her master. She met Maria and Suzu, who were returning to Japan for a wedding, and became the mascot of Ring Marry. She is a bit lonesome because she struggled alone for a long time. Her sentence-ender is "~rabbi".

Alice Kagayaki Eve Kagayaki
Chara alice2 name.png
Alice New.png
VA: Ai Fairouz
Chara eve name.png
Eve New.png
VA: Maria Sashide

A cheerful and lively girl who comes to Kirajuku in search of her family whom she was separated from. As she befriended Mirai and the others, she developed a desire to become a Pri☆Chan idol and wanted her parents to see how she was, so she made her debut as a Pri☆Chan idol. She is actually Eve's twin sister, and after being reunited with her parents, she and Eve are now leading the Kagayaki Corporation together.


A quiet and young girl who is the president of the Kagayaki Corporation. She is also responsible for the opening of the Pri☆Chan Land in Kirajuku.

Solulu Luluna
Chara solulu name.png
Solulu IM.png
VA: Mitsuki Saiga
Chara luluna name.png
Luluna IM.png
VA: Hibiku Yamamura

Alice's mascot. At a glance, she speaks and looks like a boy while having a cold presence, but she quietly watches over Alice.


Eve's mascot. She's always by Eve's side and is supportive like a secretary. She has a quiet and serious personality.


Episodes & Music


  • Generally, the episodes of a season have a theme in it's title.
    • In season 1, the titles ended with "mita" (みた), with the exception of a few episodes.
    • In season 2, the titles ended with "damon" (だもん).
      • For episodes 93-99, the titles ended with "dayon" (だよん) instead due to Daia's transformation.
    • In season 3, the titles ended with a sentence-ender of a mascot, some of which include "cchu" (ッチュ), "pan" (パン), and "rabbi" (ラビ).