Kiratto Pri☆Chan (キラッとプリ☆チャン) is the successor of the PriPara series. It premiered in Japan on Sunday, April 08, 2018 replacing Cardfight!! Vanguard in its timeslot.


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Kiratto Pri☆Chan follows the story of two girls in their 1st year of middle school, Mirai Momoyama and Emo Moegi. Due to their intense rivalry against the popular idol, Anna Akagi who attends their school, they both end up making their debut as Pri☆Chan Idols. With the support of their classmate, Rinka Aoba who acts as their manager, they start producing their own "Pri☆Chan System" channel to promote themselves.

Notable Characters

Voiced by Coco Hayashi

A first-year student in Kirarigaoka Middle School. While having a curious spirit, she is an introvert who dislikes being the center of attention. She enjoys drawing poorly drawn but charming illustrations. Her catchphrase is "Kiratto".

Voiced by Miyu Kubota

A first-year student in Kirarigaoka Middle School and Mirai's childhood friend. She is good at sports and is the type who doesn’t think before she acts. She is very well-informed and updated on the latest trends but she can also be very fickle. She is a member of her school's cheerleader squad. Her catchphrase is "Emoi".

Voiced by Nanami Atsugi

A first-year student in Kirarigaoka Middle School. She is very calm and collected. While being a quiet and excellent student, she somehow knows a lot about Pri☆Chan and acts as a supporter and manager to Mirai and Emo.

Voiced by Yuu Serizawa

A first-year student in Kirarigaoka Middle School. She acts like a celebrity in her self-produced channel, but in reality she is childish and selfish. She frequently sticks her nose into Mirai and Emo's business.

Voiced by Yuuki Wakai

A first-year student in Kirarigaoka Middle School. She is Anna's close friend, and a cool tomboy. She is always by Anna's side in order to restrain Anna from her wild antics.

Voiced by Yuuka Morishima

An energetic and cheerful girl. She has studied in university and worked in NASA before. Her catchphrase is "Mel-Mel", and she always addresses herself with the same way too.

Voiced by Suzuko Mimori

A top Idol. She normally wears disguises and often spends her time wandering through town and frequently indulges in various activities the girls are partaking in.

Voiced by Himika Akaneya

A girl who wants to make the world peaceful with "cute" concept and teammate of Suzu Kurokawa in Dear Crown.

Voiced by Sora Tokui

A boyish, quiet type who is passionate when it comes to dancing and teammate of Maria Kanamori in Dear Crown.

Voiced by Rico Sasaki

A virtual Pri☆Chan idol who responsible for organizing Jewel Auditions.


  • Director: Ikehata Hiroshi 
  • Series Composition: Kazuho Hyodou
  • Character Designer: Hajime Mitsuda
  • Music: Tatsuya Kato
  • Anime Production: Tatsunoko Production, Dongwoo A & E
  • Theme Song: Run Girls, Run!, Wa-Suta


  • Unlike its predecessors Pretty Rhythm and PriPara, there are two main protagonists instead of one.


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