Mel Shido
Mel S3

Kanji 紫藤める
Rōmaji Shidō Meru
Also Known As Mel-Mel
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 13 (S1)
14 (S2)
15 (S3)
Eye Color Indigo
Hair Color Purple
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Affiliation Meltic StAr
Personal Status
Anime Episode 22 - I Tried Swimming with the Dolphins! (cameo)
Episode 23 - We Tried Meeting Mel-Mel!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuuka Morishima

Mel Shido (紫藤める Shidō Meru) is one of the main characters of Kiratto Pri☆Chan and a cool-type idol whose preferred brand is Universe Queen. Her catchphrase is "Mel-Mel", and she always addresses herself with the same way too.


Mel has sharp indigo eyes with long lashes. Her long purple hair is waist length and flares outward on each side, with similar locks located on each side of the head behind the hair. Her bangs are similar in shape, split on the corner with a single, loose lock at the middle. The larger portion curled inward on the tip.


Mel is a cheerful and highly energetic girl with an emotional side. She is a bit eccentric and greets everyone with a kiss on the cheek. She is also a foodie and she loves eating; once eating several cupcakes Mirai's mother made, and fought with Emo for a doughnut.


Sara Midorikawa

Her friend and teammate in Meltic StAr.

Anna Akagi

Her friend and teammate in Meltic StAr.

Suzu Kurokawa


Shido (紫藤) - Shi (紫) means "purple", while do (藤) means "wisteria", which is a type of flower. Similarly to the other characters' family names, Shi is a reference to her purple hair.

Mel (める) is an English name, mostly as an abbreviated version of other given names such as Melissa or Melody.

Significant Coords


  • Mel's birthday falls on April 23. It falls on English Day in Japan.
  • Her blood type is AB.
  • Her favorite kind of coords are sparkling cool coords.
  • Her favorite song is La La Meltic StAr.
  • Donuts are her favorite food, as seen in Episode 24 and Episode 26.
  • Her special skill is everything.
  • Her hobby is inventing things.
  • Her secret is that she's going to make a big donuts machine in the garden of Anna's house.
  • She resembles Mia Ageha from Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.
    • Both have purple hair.
    • Both have long hair that curls up around the tips, even though Mia’s isn’t too obvious.
    • They have a similar personality, as both are cheerful and a bit goofy.
    • Both of their names start with “M”.
    • Both of them are in a trio unit with a Cool type idol and an idol with a celebrity-like personality.
    • Both of them are centers of their trio units.
  • She is the only member of Meltic StAr to not be voiced by a member of i☆Ris.
  • She's good in fixing things, as shown in Episode 23.
  • She likes eating sweets made by Mrs. Momoyama.
  • She has studied in university before.
    • She has also worked in NASA before.
  • She calls Mirai as "MiraMira", Emo as "EmoEmo", Rinka as "RinRin", Anna as "AnAn", Sara as "Sarara", Maria as "MariMari", Suzu as "Suzy", Nijinosaki as "NijiNiji", and Dia as "DaiDai."
  • She is the second idol in the series who performed without her Pri☆Chan Uniform Coord in her debut live.
    • She is also the second idol in the series who debuted not using a duet, as she used a trio.
    • She is the second idol to debut without using Go! Go! I tried doing a PriChan Debut! as a Yattemita too.
  • She is the first character to obtain her colored Jewel Coord on her first Jewel Chance.
    • She was followed by Sara, then Anju.
  • She shares some similarities with Karen from Mermaid Melody.
    • She shares a name with Meru, but Meru's voice actor is Ema Kogure, who voiced Karen.
    • Both girls are purple themed an have long, curled purple hair.
    • Both characters first appeared during a serious situation to lend a hand to the other characters.
    • They are both shown to be strongly loyal to their friends.
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