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"I'm Melpan ~pan! We're five seconds away from going live! Packing in a punch and another punch, I'm on air!"

Melpan before her performance

Idol Mascot | Pretty Mascot | Petite Mascot


Kanji メルパン
Rōmaji Merupan
Physical and Vital Information
Species Panda
Gender Female
Eye Color Amethyst
Hair Color Midnight Blue
Professional Statistics
Occupation Mascot
Affiliation Meltic StAr
Personal Status
Anime Episode 103 - A Sparkling Opening! Pri☆Chan Land Has Arrived! (Cameo)
Episode 104 - Panpakapan! Melpan is Here! (Debut)
Voice Actors
Japanese Nichika Omori

Melpan (メルパン Merupan) is the self-proclaimed, competent mascot of Meltic StAr and is one of the main characters who first appears in season 3 of Kiratto Pri☆Chan. She tends to add "~pan" (~パン) at the end of her sentences. She is a cool-type idol whose preferred brand is Little Princess Egg.


Melpan is a white and midnight blue panda bear with light purple hearts on her ears and upside-down heart markings on her eyes. She has short stubby eyebrows. She wears a light blue pair of bottoms with a red heart print around the top.

In her pretty mascot form, she takes the form of a human and gains sharp amethyst eyes with single lashes and a star in them. She has midnight blue hair worn in a pair of curled inward twin-tails hanging from large buns that have hearts on them, and straight bangs. She wears a pleat raspberry dress with a white pleat fabric covering the shoulder beneath a light blue flap of fabric lined in dark teal to match her shoes. Lining the bottom of her outfit is a row of raspberry hearts, and on top is a gold heart with two white pieces of fabric hanging from it.

In her idol mascot form, Melpan keeps her eyes from her pretty mascot form, but her hair grows in length and the inward curl becomes a loose drill. Her buns become a pair of loops and lose their hearts, and they are worn with two different accessories. On one side she wears a red, pink, and gold flower ornament, on the other is a red heart-shaped ribbon with purple and gold hearts. She gains indigo heart earrings and a small pair of pale colored wings.


She is a level-headed, responsible person. When it comes to Meltic StAr, she's usually enthusiastic and very determined to aid them in their goals. Outwardly, she comes off a little mean and arrogant, but she normally hides her true feelings towards others due to her dedication towards Meltic StAr, following their attitudes of rivalry. Melpan progressively starts acting a little more like Anna as both of them tend to hide their true feelings from their friends. However, unlike Anna, Melpan is a little more open about her feelings and has to frequently remember to maintain a rival attitude.


Meltic StAr

Melpan wishes for the best for Meltic StAr, fully believing that she can help lead them to victory in the Princess Cup. Initially, Anna did not think it was necessary for Meltic StAr to have a mascot since she believed that they were perfect just as is. She found Melpan to be annoying in contrast to Sara and Mel who found her to be cute and fun. After competing with Miracle Kiratts in a pizza-making contest, she praises Melpan for her support and accepts her.


One of her teammates in GOGO! MASCOTS. At first, Melpan rejected KiracCHU's friendship since she is part of Miracle☆Kiratts, Meltic StAr's rival channel. During the PriTama hunt in episode 105, Melpan acknowledges KiracCHU's determination as a fellow mascot, but still tries to maintain a rival relationship with her.


One of her teammates in GOGO! MASCOTS.


Melpan (メルパン) - The name itself has no particular meaning. Melpan's name could be a combination of "Meltic" (from Meltic StAr) and "Panda" (her mascot form), making "Melpan". Pan (パン) may also be a reference to how she uses pans for various things.

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