Naru Shiawase
Naru 9

Kanji 幸瀬なる
Rōmaji Shiawase Naru
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Pink
Professional Statistics
Occupation Shop Owner
Affiliation Dear Crown
Personal Status
Anime Episode 63 - Mel-chan! I Tried to Get Along with My Friends!
Voice Actors
Japanese Emiri Katou

Naru Shiawase (幸瀬なる Shiawase Naru) is a character in Kiratto Pri☆Chan. She is a parallel version of Naru Ayase, the protagonist of Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live.



Naru has fluffy apricot-pink hair worn in a bob that curls inward to frame her face. Most of her bangs are brushed to the right, with a single, big lock that curls upward on the opposite side. Her big feminine eyes are caramel.


Even as a parallel version of Naru Ayase, she still uses the catchphrase, "Happy Naru".



Naru (なる) - Due to being written in Hiragana, there is no specific meaning to her name. It can mean "to echo" or "resound" (鳴る), or it can mean "to reach" or "become" (成る).

Shiawase (幸瀬) - Shiawase (幸せ) means happiness, though in this context Shiawase is written with 瀬 instead of せ. This is likely a reference to her previous last name (Ayase), which was also written with 瀬. "Happiness" is a reference to her catchphrase, which is "Happy Naru".

Significant Coords


  • She is the third parallel version of a protagonist of the Pretty Rhythm series, the first being Mia Hanazono from the PriPara series, and the second being Aira Nanahoshi from Kiratto Pri☆Chan.
  • While being confronted by Meganee Akai, she mentioned she's been in school lately, so it's rare to see her in Dear Crown.
  • As revealed in Episode 89, Naru is the author of the book titled The Princess of the Jewel Country (ジュエルのくにのおひめさま), a book that Nijinosaki read as a child.
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