Rinka Aoba
Rinka S3

Kanji 青葉りんか
Rōmaji Aoba Rinka
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 13 (S1)
14 (S2)
Height 153cm (5' 0")
Eye Color Emerald
Hair Color Blue
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Idol Management
Affiliation Miracle☆Kiratts
Personal Status
Relatives Yuzuru Aoba (Elder Brother)
Kenzaburo Aoba (Father)
Junko Aoba (Mother)
Anime Episode 01 - Our First Attempt At Kiratto Pri☆Chan!
Voice Actors
Japanese Nanami Atsugi

Rinka Aoba (青葉りんか Aoba Rinka) is one of the main characters of Kiratto Pri☆Chan. She is a 3rd year student of Kirarigaoka Middle School and is also the manager and classmate of Emo Moegi and Mirai Momoyama. She is a cool-type idol whose preferred brand is Secret Alice.


Rinka is a young woman with slanted, tired emerald eyes that she wears oval half-glasses over. She has long indigo hair worn loose with a few strands curled on end. Her bangs are layered and uneven in length, with an off-center split that has one section braided behind the head and a smaller strand sticking out, while the opposite side has her bangs worn loose with a single curl sticking out near the bottom.


She's calm and serious, but sweet and friendly, and is seen as the model student. She is quiet, but she knows a lot about Pri☆Chan and is very supportive over her friends. If anyone mentions that she should perform in PriChan, she gets flustered and claims to suffer from stage fright. Encouragement from Magical Ren, Mirai, and Emo, along with reconciliation with her brother allowed her to become a PriChan Idol.


Yuzuru Aoba

Her elder brother. As kids, they were very close. They'd often pretend to have PriChan Casts and record each other, as if they had their own Pretty Channel to post on. Yuzuru eventually started hanging out with other kids, and the two stopped playing with each other, leaving Rinka feeling sadness over the loss of their close relationship.

Mirai Momoyama

Her friend, classmate and teammate in Miracle☆Kiratts, who she serves as a manager to.

Emo Moegi

Her friend, classmate and teammate in Miracle☆Kiratts, who she serves as a manager to.


Aoba (青葉) - Ao (青) means "blue", while ba (葉) means "leaf". Ao is a reference to her blue hair and theme color, similarly to the other characters' family names.

Rinka (りんか) - Due to being written in Hiragana, there is no specific meaning of her name. Rin (凜) can mean "dignified" and ka (和) can mean "calm" or "peaceful". It could also mean "lovely/beautiful forest" (林佳).

Significant Coords


  • Her birthday is January 25th, which is Make Day in Japan.
  • Her blood type is A.
  • She and her mom, Junko are often mistaken as twins or sisters.
  • Her favorite kinds of coords are ones with a cool chic design.
  • Her favorite songs are Sparkling Awakening☆Reincarnation and Dream Colored Energy.
  • Her favorite food is apple pie.
  • Her special skill is organizing special effects on Pri☆Chan streaming.
  • She's the creator of Silk, a mascot she created at the time they were thinking about a mascot to promote Miracle Kiratts.
  • On her days off, she reads books and then thinks about new ways to improve Silk.
  • Her secret is that she has a lot of Silk dolls and a Silk diary.
  • She likes bizarre things such as UFO and bigfoot.
  • She likes collecting picture books of prehistoric and mystical animals.
  • She shares her surname with Yukari Aoba from the Rilu Rilu Fairilu series.
  • In the first episode she was shown reading a horror novel.
  • Rinka shares some similarities with Michiru Kōda from the Pripara series.
    • Both are cool idols.
    • Both wear glasses, and remove them while performing.
    • Both are shy.
    • Both need the protagonist's help to be an idol.
    • Both made an idol debut in Episode 15 in their respective series.
    • Both became a playable character in the arcade game in Vol. 3 of their respective series' collections.
    • Both are soft-voiced Cool idols.
    • Both of them had solo debuts before they joined their respective teams.
    • Both are the third idol to join their respective trio units.
    • Both have vaguely similar color schemes with their very first coord.
    • Both of them are tritagonists.
    • Both have braids in their hair, even though Michiru only has braids in PriPara.
    • Their position on stage are the same when they are performing as their trio units.
  • She is the fifth main character overall in the Pretty series to wear glasses, the first being Kaname Amamiya, the second being Mirei Minami, the third being Ajimi Kiki, and the fourth being Michiru Kōda.
  • Rinka greatly resembles Suha Woo from Flowering Heart
  • She shares some similarities with Rina from Mermaid Melody.
    • They have similar personalities, being the serious one of the trio and can make harsh or blunt remarks, but with the occasional silly or playful side.
    • Their names are almost the same, but with Rinka's having an additional letter.
    • Both were the youngest of the main characters in contrast to their adult-like appearance (Season 1 only).
    • Rina's character was described as having a "cool impression", while Rinka is a cool idol.
  • She also shares some similarities with Noel from Mermaid Melody.
    • Both are kind and intelligent and have a shy character.
    • Both have had a dark past, due to events involving family members.
    • Just as Noel and Rina are close friends, Rinka and Sara are also close friends.
    • Noel and Caren are twin sisters, while Rinka resembles her mother to the point of being considered twins.
    • Noel has worn glasses.
  • She is the first idol in the series who performed without her Pri☆Chan Uniform Coord in her debut live.
    • She is also the first idol in the series who debuted not using a duet, as she used a solo.
    • She is also the first idol to debut without using Go! Go! I tried doing a PriChan Debut! as a Yattemita too.
    • She is also the first idol to debut with a coord from her preferred brand.
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