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"I just want to protect Alice's smile!"

Solulu to Luluna

Idol Mascot | Pretty Mascot | Petite Mascot

Solulu IM.png

Kanji ソルル
Rōmaji Soruru
Physical and Vital Information
Species Cat
Gender Female
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color White
Professional Statistics
Occupation Mascot
Affiliation Kagayaki Corporation
Pri☆Chan Land
ALIVE (Retired)
Personal Status
Anime Episode 102 - Sparkling Connections! That is Pri☆Chan! (Cameo)
Episode 103 - A Sparkling Opening! Pri☆Chan Land Has Arrived! (Debut)
Voice Actors
Japanese Mitsuki Saiga

Solulu (ソルル Soruru) is one of the main characters that appears in Season 3 of Kiratto Pri☆Chan. She is Alice's mascot. At first glance, she looks and speaks like a boy, but she quietly watches over Alice. She is a natural-type idol whose preferred brand is Little Princess Egg.

For most of Season 3, Solulu's memories were lost, not even knowing that the she was the one who aided Alice in her Illuminage Live and also the one who saved her performance in episode 128. After she regains her memory in episode 141, she recalls Luluna being the one to have erased her memories as well as how she and Alice ended up at a circus.

When Luluna returned to Pri☆Chan Land, Solulu appeared to be cooperating with Luluna in her takeover, but in episode 151, it was revealed that Solulu's true reason for bringing Luluna back was because she needed Luluna's help in stopping the bug hole.


Solulu is a white cat with slanted, pale orange eyes and light blue lashes. On each ear is a sky blue diamond to match the bow on her orange shawl, which is adorned by a gold brooch. She has a gold ring around the top of her tail.

In her idol mascot form, her eyes remain the same, and she gains long straight hair that reaches below the waist. Her bangs are evenly spread to the sides with a loose strand at the center. She has a tented layer above the bangs and it extends to her shoulders. A loose strand of hair sticks out on her right side.


Solulu has a rather calm personality, but she can be just as energetic as Alice depending on situation. She is very kind and understanding to others as shown when she cheered up Rabbily when she was feeling down about not having a master at the time of the mascot certification exam. Because she doesn't remember what she does in her idol mascot form, she has a slightly different air to her compared to her normal self. She gives off a noble and gentle aura with an air of mystery surrounding her.


Alice Kagayaki

Alice's mascot. She normally sits on Alice's shoulder and tries to help her here and there. Along with that, she tends to tease Alice for being a ditz sometimes. She has been with Alice since she was a baby and whenever Alice was in trouble, Solulu was there to save her/support her. Solulu has shown her desire to protect Alice and her dreams when she saved Alice's performance from Luluna. When Luluna wiped Solulu's memories, Alice grabbed onto Solulu as she was falling, which is how they both wound up at a circus together.

When Solulu made her decision to leave Alice, they said their tearful goodbyes before she disappeared alongside Luluna, showing what appears to be a constellation of their Petite Mascot forms.


At the start, Luluna acted hostile towards her and Alice for some unknown reason. The reason was revealed to be due to an argument they had when Alice and Eve were just infants. Solulu disagreed with Luluna's ideas and refused to cooperate with her, provoking Luluna's anger and causing Luluna to result to completely erasing Solulu's memories. Because she saw that Alice was in danger of plummeting to the ground, Solulu was caught off-guard, allowing Luluna to successfully land her attack on her. Her memories were lost until she regained them in episode 141.

In episode 149, she was shown to be cooperating with Luluna in taking over Pri☆Chan Land, but it was later revealed that she needed Luluna's help to stop the bug hole that threatens to wipe out Pri☆Chan.

Eve Kagayaki

Solulu sometimes appears before Eve during times where she needs help or is doubtful of herself. Up until the separation, Solulu, Luluna, Alice, and Eve were all living together peacefully. Because of the Luluna situation, Solulu has taken up the position of being both Alice and Eve's mascot.


Solulu (ソルル) - Part of her name contains the word "Sol" which means "sun" in Latin, while "Lulu" parallels Luluna's name.

Significant Coords


  • Her birthday falls on February 22nd, which is Cat Day in Japan.
  • She shares her voice actress with Meiko, Hibiki Shikyoin from PriPara, and Aurora Pegasus from the Aikatsu Planet! series.
    • Coincidentally, her and Alice shares VAs with a character named Hibiki.
  • The sun earring that Alice currently owns originally belonged to Solulu.
  • She shares similarities with Kori Seiya from Munou na Nana
    • Their hairstyles are practically identical
    • Both have light hair
    • Bluish lashes
  • In the February 2021 popularity vote, Solulu was ranked as the 4th most popular character.