Ai Kurosu
Ai Kurosu
Kanji 黒須あい
Rōmaji Kurosu Ai
Also Known As Celeb Princess
Physical and Vital Information
Species Half Goddess Half Human
Gender Female
Age 11
Height 150
Eye Color Blue (in anime)
Black (in reality)
Hair Color Brown (in anime)
Black (in reality)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student
Affiliation Legend
Personal Status
Relatives Janice
Aroma Kurosu
Anime Episode 192 - ???
Voice Actors
Japanese Me


Meltic StAr is the best!! (in PriChan)

IMG 0847

Sara-sama is so cute!! (I went to the café!)

Ai Kurosu (黒須あい Kurosu Ai) is the main antagonist of S5 of Pripara. She is a Celeb-type Idol whose preferred brand is Brilliant Princess. She is CRAZY about Celeb type Idols and Tricolore.

My favorite idols



  1. Solulu
  2. Anna Akagi
  3. Maria Kanamori
  4. Rinka Aoba
  5. Dia Nijinosaki
  6. KiracCHU
  7. Melpan
  8. Sara Midorikawa
  9. Emo Moegi
  10. Suzu Kurokawa
  11. Mel Shido
  12. Naru Shiawase
  13. Anju Shiratori
  14. Aira Nanahoshi
  15. Mirai Momoyama
  16. Eve Kagayaki
  17. Alice Peperoncino


  • Anna - Of course! Even though I know she is a lovely idol, I still treat her as a celeb idol XD I think she is a cuter version of Shuuka and Chiri~ (Actually, she reminds me of Hibiki too XD But Anna wasn’t betrayed by any friends, in fact Mel was a good friend.)
  • Maria - She's soooooo cute, and OMG her voice actress is Himika
  • Rinka - I love her, she is a kawaii gothic idol like Yurika~ I love her glasses too XD
  • Daia - I don't like her gobi but her song is meaningful and great, ofc her voice is lovely too
  • Sara - She is cute, but cool too! I hope she will have longer hair though~ Also she was so cute when she was a child!!! And her solo was cool, it made me cry
  • Suzu - She is like me, both of us seem cute to others, but we want to be more かっこいい
  • Emo - She is scared of cats XD Both of us alwaysssssssssss argue with our brothers XD (And Miyu-tan did a good job voicing her <3)
  • Mel - IS SHE MIA?!?!?! God, she is so adorable...
  • Anju - Not much to say. Jewlie 2.0.
  • Mirai - I don’t like her. I wish she was smarter... Laala is a bit dim-witted too, but Laala in S2 is so touching. Mirai is just “Kiratto-ing”. Duh. Yumekawa is cuter ^^ And how dare you call yourself a Celeb??

My favourite brands

  1. Dolly Waltz - A typical Celeb brand with a Victorian style!! I really love it!
  2. Cutie Happiness - Cuteness overload
  3. Secret Alice - Gothic styled Alice in Wonderland.
  4. Universe Queen - Reminds me of Rich Venus!
  5. Precious Muse - Has a Rosette Jewel style. Lots of jewels.
  6. Girl's Yell - Cheerleader! It is lively.
  7. Sweet Honey - I love the ribbons and sweet decorations.
  8. Romance Beat, DANCE & STREET - Cool, but not my style

Sugoi Songs

  • Believe My Dream (song)x Play Sound (dance) (Some actions are great)
  • Love Week Old (song)x One Two Sweets (dance) (Graceful)
  • Miss Prionaire (song)x Sparkling Awakening Reincarnation (dance) (Rinka is so cool with Shuuka’s voice)
  • Pretty Prism Paradise (song)x SUPER CUTIE SUPER GIRL (dance) (Dokidoki)
  • Starlight Carnival (song)x Love Love Sensor (dance) (EmoxGaarara = super cute)
  • Marble Make Up A Ha Ha (song)x Ready Action (dance) (Energetic and sometimes kawaii)
  • SugarlessxFriend (song)x COMETIC SILHOUETTE (dance)
  • Girl’s Fantasy (song)x Fortune Carat (dance) (This is perfect)
  • Triangle Star (song)x Maiden Attention Please (dance) (Lively)
  • Neo Dimension Go!! (song)x Sleeping, Awakening, DREAMIN GIRL (dance) (Anna is so cool with Hibiki-sama’s voice~)


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Merchandise I own

  • PriChan Cast
  • Anna and Meltic Star appris
  • Jewel Pact
  • Ring Marry, Meltic Star and Mirai's Jewels
  • Tons of Pripara Merchandise.
  • A lot of others bought from the Prism Stone Store in Japan!!!

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